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Introduced in 2008 an effort to try and increase the number of visitors who send in catch reports using the Reports Form.

Out of the 1000's of visitors every month only a small proportion send in reports on anything like a regular basis, I thank them for this, they are much appreciated, but many more are wanted.

For me (and many others) these are what sets the site apart - the fact that you can find out what's being caught where, when and how quickly and easily without having to wade through rambling forum posts (interesting though they may be) which could ultimately make the difference between a successful session and another frustrating blank whether from beach or boat.



All of the marks now have their own Reports pages which are Password Protected, those who send in regular reports will have FREE access to these and the other benefits (see below) of being SFG Club Members.

Those who don't send in regular reports (at least 3 reliable reports in any 3 month period) have to pay the nominal sum of 4.99 for 3 months to access these pages and enjoy the other Club benefits.

 If having paid for access you then send in the required 3 reports during the 3 months of your membership you will get the following 3 months FREE and so on.

I hope that makes sense, if you have any questions or feel you should be given FREE access (because you've sent in the required number of reports) please let me know and if I agree I'll set up your membership and get back to you with the details.



Apart from increasing the number and regularity of reports, the new reports pages now contain up to 12 of the latest reports (rather than the 5 previously) and all the accompanying photos sent in.

Club Members have their own dedicated forum in which to discuss their latest catches or any other club related activities.

Club Members will also be able to advertise private sales to the value of 500 for FREE within the forums.

(With PayPal)



(Without PayPal)


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